Tanger-Assilah, Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, Morocco – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Assilah 90050, 90055
Gzenaya 90102
Had Rharbia 90302
Hajr Enhal 90025
Sania El Jadida 90035
Sebt Zeniate 90036
Tanger 90000, 90010, 90020, 90030, 90040, 90060, 90070, 90080, 90090, 90100
Tanger20 Aout 90043
TangerAl Irfane 90045
TangerAl Majd 90014
TangerAssilah Ibnou Hanbal 90015
TangerBeni Makada 90026
TangerBir Chifae 90016
TangerDradeb 90005
TangerDrissia 90002
TangerEl Ouafae 90044
TangerMedina Gare 90023
TangerMesnana 90033
TangerMghogha Gare 90024
TangerMsallah 90003
TangerSouani 90004
TangerVal Fleuri 90006
Tnine Sidi El Yamani 90054

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