Khemisset, Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, Morocco – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Ain Johra 15422
Ain Sbit 15152
Ait Belkacem 15425
Ait Ichou 15124
Ait Yaddine 15003
Azhar 15002
Boukchmir 15122
El Hammam Jbel Doum 15022
El Kensara 15026
Essaada 15034
Fath 15035
Had Ait Mimoun 15023
Had Ait Ouribel 15024
Had Brachoua 15153
Had Rhoualem 15172
Jemaa Moul Leblad 15173
Khemis Ait Yaddine 15003
Khemis Nkheila 15175
Khemis Sidi Yahia 15423
Khemisset 15000, 15010, 15020
Maaziz 15053
Majmaa Tolba 15032
Marchouch 15174
Mkam Tolba 15424
Moulay Driss Arhbal 15072
Nkheila 15175
Oulmes 15102
Rommani 15150, 15155
Sebt Ait Ikkou 15052
Sfassif 15004
Sidi Abderrazak 15202
Sidi Allal El Bahraoui 15252
Sidi Allal Lemsedder 15005
Sidi Boukhalkhal 15273
Sidi El Rhandour 15033
Sidi Ghrib 15036
Sidi Yahia 15423
Souk Jemaa Houderrane 15073
Souk Sebt Oued Beht 15025
Souk Tnine Moghane 15272
Tarmilet 15123
Tiddas 15352
Tiflet 15400
TifletMedina 15402
Zhiliga 15154

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