Soroca, Moldova – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Alexandru Cel Bun MD-3050
Badiceni MD-3011
Balinti MD-3013
Balintii Noi MD-3013
Baxani MD-3012
Bulboci MD-3014
Bulbocii Noi MD-3014
Cainarii Vechi MD-3015
Cerlina MD-6641
Cosauti MD-3016
Cremenciug MD-3052
Curesnita MD-3017
Curesnita Noua MD-3043
Darcauti MD-3018
Darcautii Noi MD-3018
Decebal MD-5138
Dubna MD-3019
Dumbraveni MD-3020
Egoreni MD-3021
Floriceni MD-3015
Grigorauca MD-3022
Holosnita MD-3023
Hristici MD-3024
Iarova MD-3025
Inundeni MD-3035
Iorjnita MD-3026
Livezi MD-3039
Lugovoe MD-3033
Malcauti MD-3018
Nimereuca MD-6647
Niorcani MD-5128
Oclanda MD-3027
Ocolina MD-3028
Parcani MD-3029
Pirlita MD-3030
Racovat MD-3031
Redi-Ceresnovat MD-3032
Regina Maria MD-3033
Rublenita MD-3034
Rublenita Noua MD-3034
Rudi MD-5133
Ruslanovca MD-3035
Schineni MD-3036
Schinenii Noi MD-3036
Septelici MD-3042
Slobozia-Cremene MD-3037
Slobozia-Noua MD-5135
Slobozia-Varancau MD-3038
Sobari MD-3039
Solcani MD-3043
Solonet MD-3040
Soroca 4 MD-3004
Soroca 5 MD-3005
Soroca 6 MD-3006
Stoicani MD-3041
Tatarauca Noua MD-5137
Tatarauca Veche MD-5138
Tepilova MD-3045
Tolocanesti MD-5128
Trifauti MD-3044
Vadeni MD-3047
Valea MD-3039
Vantina MD-3030
Vantina Mica MD-3030
Varancau MD-3048
Vasilcau MD-3046
Visoca MD-5142
Voloave MD-3049
Volovita MD-3050
Zastinca MD-3051

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