Riscani, Moldova – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Alexandresti MD-5611
Alunis MD-5612
Armanca MD-5642
Avrameni MD-5614
Balanul Nou MD-5603
Borosenii Noi MD-5613
Braniste MD-5614
Bulhac MD-5640
Ceparia MD-5640
Ciobanovca MD-5621
Ciubara MD-5615
Corlateni MD-5616
Costesti MD-5617
Cucuietii Noi MD-5611
Cucuietii Vechi MD-5611
Damascani MD-5618
Druta MD-5633
Dumeni MD-5619
Duruitoarea MD-5618
Duruitoarea Noua MD-5619
Galaseni MD-5620
Grinauti MD-5621
Hiliuti MD-5622
Horodiste MD-5623
Ivanesti MD-5614
Luparia MD-5625
Malaiesti MD-5624
Malinovscoe MD-5625
Mihaileni MD-5626
Mihailenii Noi MD-5642
Moseni MD-5627
Nihoreni MD-5626
Pascauti MD-5628
Petruseni MD-5630
Pirjota MD-5631
Pociumbauti MD-5632
Pociumbeni MD-5633
Proscureni MD-5618
Racaria MD-5634
Ramazan MD-5635
Recea MD-5636
Reteni MD-5614
Reteni-Vasileuti MD-5614
Riscani MD-5601
Saptebani MD-5638
Singureni MD-5616
Slobozia-Recea MD-5636
Stepanovca MD-5222
Stiubeieni MD-5642
Sturzeni MD-5639
Sumna MD-5640
Sverdiac MD-5637
Usurei MD-5641
Varatic MD-5643
Vasileuti MD-5642
Zaicani MD-5644

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