Ribnita Tr., Moldova – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Andreevca MD-5511
Basarabca MD-5525
Beloci MD-5512
Brosteni MD-5513
Buschi MD-5503
Butuceni MD-5514
Chirov MD-5536
Cobasna MD-5515
Cobasna Loc.c.f. MD-5515
Crasnencoe MD-5516
Dimitrova MD-5516
Ghersunovca MD-5535
Ghidirim MD-5517
Haraba MD-5518
Hirjau MD-5519
Ivanovca MD-5520
Jura MD-5521
Lenin MD-5522
Lisaia Gora MD-5533
Mihailovca MD-5524
Mihailovca Noua MD-5523
Mocra MD-5525
Molochisul Mare MD-5526
Molochisul Mic MD-5527
Novaia Jizni MD-5528
Ofatinti MD-5528
Pervomaisc MD-5522
Picalova MD-5511
Plopi MD-5529
Pobeda MD-5522
Popencu MD-5530
Ribnita 1 MD-5501
Ribnita 2 MD-5502
Ribnita 3 MD-5503
Ribnita 4 MD-5504
Ribnita 5 MD-5505
Ribnita 6 MD-5506
Ribnita 7 MD-5507
Ribnita 8 MD-5508
Ribnita 9 MD-5509
Saratei MD-5519
Sevcenco MD-5525
Smalena MD-5511
Sovietscoe MD-5531
Stanislavca MD-5522
Stroiesti MD-5532
Suhaia Ribnita MD-5515
Ulmu MD-5533
Ulmul Mic MD-5533
Vadul Turcului MD-5534
Varancau MD-5535
Vasilievca MD-5531
Vladimirovca MD-5536
Zaporojet MD-5525
Zazuleni MD-5530

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