Orhei, Moldova – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Andreevca MD-3556
Berezlogi MD-3511
Biesti MD-3512
Bolohan MD-3513
Branesti MD-3515
Braviceni MD-3514
Breanova MD-3516
Budai MD-3547
Bulaiesti MD-3517
Butuceni MD-3552
Camencea MD-3526
Chiperceni MD-3518
Cihoreni MD-3512
Ciocilteni MD-3519
Cismea MD-3520
Clisova MD-3521
Clisova Noua MD-3519
Crihana MD-3523
Cucuruzeni MD-3522
Cucuruzenii De Sus MD-3523
Curchi MD-3524
Discova MD-3525
Donici MD-3526
Fedoreuca MD-3519
Furceni MD-3527
Ghetlova MD-3528
Hijdieni MD-3529
Hulboaca MD-3530
Inculet MD-3557
Isacova MD-3531
Ivancea MD-3532
Izvoare MD-3533
Jeloboc MD-3542
Jora De Jos MD-3534
Jora De Mijloc MD-3534
Jora De Sus MD-3535
Lopatna MD-3535
Lucaseuca MD-3545
Malaiesti MD-3536
Mana MD-3524
Mirzaci MD-3537
Mirzesti MD-3537
Mitoc MD-3503
Morovaia MD-3552
Morozeni MD-3538
Neculaieuca MD-3539
Noroceni MD-3528
Ocnita-Razesi MD-3522
Ocnita-Tarani MD-3557
Orhei 2 MD-3502
Orhei 3 MD-3503
Orhei 4 MD-3504
Orhei 5 MD-3505
Pelivan MD-3540
Peresecina MD-3541
Piatra MD-3542
Pocsesti MD-3550
Podgoreni MD-3543
Pohorniceni MD-3542
Pohrebeni MD-3544
Putintei MD-3554
Samananca MD-3550
Seliste MD-3545
Sercani MD-3544
Sirota MD-3546
Slobozia-Hodorogea MD-3512
Step-Soci MD-3547
Susleni MD-3548
Tabara MD-3549
Teleseu MD-3550
Tirzieni MD-3536
Trebujeni MD-3552
Vatici MD-3553
Viprova MD-3554
Viscauti MD-3555
Vorotet MD-3556
Zahoreni MD-5439
Zorile MD-3557

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