Mun.chisinau, Moldova – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Bacioi MD-6812
Bic MD-2081
Braila MD-6812
Bubuieci MD-2081
Budesti MD-4814
Bumbrava MD-2071
Buneti MD-2092
Ceroborta MD-2085
Cheltuitori MD-2092
Chisinau MD-2000
Ciorescu MD-2089
Codru MD-2011
Colonita MD-2082
Condrita MD-2083
Cricova MD-2084
Cruzesti MD-2085
Dobrogea MD-2086
Durlesti MD-2003
Fauresti MD-2089
Frumusica MD-6812
Ghidighici MD-2088
Goian MD-2089
Goianul Nou MD-4823
Gratiesti MD-2093
Hulboaca MD-2093
Humulesti MD-2081
Revaca MD-2091
Singera MD-2091
Stauceni MD-4839
Straisteni MD-6812
Tohatin MD-2092
Truseni MD-3733
Vadul Lui Voda MD-2046
Vaduleni MD-4814
Vatra MD-2055

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