Glodeni, Moldova – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Balatina MD-4911
Bisericani MD-4912
Brinzeni MD-4915
Butesti MD-4913
Cajba MD-4914
Camenca MD-4915
Camencuta MD-4920
Ciuciulea MD-4916
Clococenii Vechi MD-4911
Cobani MD-4918
Cot MD-4912
Cuhnesti MD-4919
Danu MD-4920
Dusmani MD-4921
Fundurii Noi MD-4922
Fundurii Vechi MD-4923
Glodeni MD-4901
Hijdieni MD-4924
Iabloana MD-4925
Limbenii Noi MD-4926
Limbenii Vechi MD-4927
Lipovat MD-4911
Moara Domneasca MD-4933
Molesti MD-4913
Nicolaevca MD-4928
Petrunea MD-4929
Serghieni MD-4912
Soroca MD-4901
Stircea MD-4901
Sturzovca MD-4931
Tomestii Noi MD-4934
Tomestii Vechi MD-4912
Ustia MD-4932
Viisoara MD-4933

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