Floresti, Moldova – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Alexandrovca MD-5039
Alexeevca MD-5011
Antonovca MD-5032
Bahrinesti MD-5012
Bezeni MD-5027
Bobulesti MD-5023
Bursuc MD-6645
Capresti MD-5033
Casunca MD-5013
Cenusa MD-5036
Cernita MD-5014
Chirilovca MD-5019
Ciripcau MD-5015
Ciutulesti MD-5016
Cosernita MD-5017
Cuhurestii De Jos MD-6643
Cuhurestii De Sus MD-6642
Cunicea MD-6644
Domulgeni MD-5018
Dumitreni MD-5019
Fagadau MD-6652
Floresti 1 MD-5001
Floresti 2 MD-5002
Frumusica MD-5020
Frumusica Noua MD-5020
Frunzesti MD-5032
Ghindesti Oras MD-5021
Ghindesti Sat MD-5022
Gura Cainarului MD-5024
Gura Camencii MD-5023
Gvozdova MD-5023
Hirtop MD-5025
Iliciovca MD-5026
Ion Voda MD-5031
Ivanovca MD-5037
Izvoare MD-5027
Japca MD-6645
Lunga MD-5007
Maiscoe MD-5029
Marculesti MD-5030
Marinesti MD-5016
Mihailovca MD-5032
Napadova MD-6646
Nicolaevca MD-6642
Octeabrscoe MD-6652
Prajila MD-5032
Prodanesti MD-5033
Prodanestii Vechi MD-5038
Putinesti MD-5034
Radulenii Noi MD-5011
Radulenii Vechi MD-5035
Rosietici MD-5036
Rosieticii Vechi MD-5036
Sanatauca MD-6648
Scaieni MD-5027
Sevirova MD-5037
Sirbesti MD-5031
Stefanesti MD-5038
Stirceni MD-5023
Temeleuti MD-6649
Tipordei MD-6651
Tira MD-5021
Tira Loc.c.f. MD-5021
Tirgul-Vertiujeni MD-6650
Trifanesti MD-5039
Unchitesti MD-6642
Unchitesti Loc.c.f. MD-6642
Valea Radoaiei MD-5031
Varvareuca MD-5040
Vascauti MD-6652
Vertiujeni MD-6653
Zaluceni MD-6654
Zarojeni MD-5024

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