Falesti, Moldova – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Albinetul Nou MD-5911
Albinetul Vechi MD-5911
Beleuti MD-5936
Bocani MD-5912
Bocsa MD-5946
Burghelea MD-5920
Calinesti MD-5913
Calugar MD-5914
Catranic MD-5915
Catranic Loc.c.f. MD-5916
Chetris MD-5917
Chetrisul Nou MD-5917
Ciolacu Nou MD-5918
Ciolacu Vechi MD-5919
Ciuluc MD-5916
Comarovca MD-5936
Cuzmenii Vechi MD-5944
Doltu MD-5920
Drujineni MD-5944
Egorovca MD-5921
Fagadau MD-5922
Falesti 1 MD-5901
Falesti 2 MD-5902
Falesti 3 MD-5903
Falesti St MD-5904
Falestii Noi MD-5923
Frumusica MD-5914
Glinjeni MD-5924
Hiliuti MD-5925
Hincesti MD-5913
Hirtop MD-5949
Hitresti MD-5926
Horesti MD-5927
Hrubna Noua MD-5928
Ilenuta MD-5929
Iscalau MD-5930
Ivanovca MD-5936
Izvoare MD-5931
Logofteni MD-5932
Lucaceni MD-5927
Magura MD-5939
Magura Noua MD-5939
Magureanca MD-5949
Marandeni MD-5933
Moldoveanca MD-5934
Musteata MD-5935
Natalievca MD-5936
Navirnet MD-5937
Nicolaevca MD-5949
Obreja Noua MD-5938
Obreja Veche MD-5938
Pervomaisc MD-5942
Pietrosu MD-5939
Pietrosul Nou MD-5923
Pinzareni MD-5940
Pinzarenii Noi MD-5940
Pirlita MD-5941
Pocrovca MD-5919
Pompa MD-5942
Popovca MD-5943
Pruteni MD-5944
Rautel MD-5945
Rautelul Nou MD-5925
Rediul De Jos MD-5911
Rediul De Sus MD-5911
Risipeni MD-5946
Sarata Noua MD-5948
Sarata Veche MD-5947
Scumpia MD-5949
Socii Noi MD-5914
Socii Vechi MD-5914
Soltoaia MD-5922
Suvorovca MD-5942
Tapoc MD-5936
Taxobeni MD-5950
Unteni MD-5927
Valea Rusului MD-5951
Vranesti MD-5928

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