Causeni, Moldova – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Baccealia MD-4311
Baimaclia MD-7711
Baurci MD-7714
Cainari MD-7701
Cainari Gara MD-7702
Causeni 1 MD-4301
Causeni 2 MD-4302
Causeni 3 MD-4303
Causeni 4 MD-4304
Chircaesti MD-4312
Chircaestii Noi MD-7714
Cirnateni MD-4313
Cirnatenii Noi MD-7717
Ciuflesti MD-7716
Constantinovca MD-7719
Copanca MD-5716
Coscalia MD-7720
Firladeni MD-4314
Firladenii Noi MD-4315
Florica MD-7726
Gradinita MD-4221
Grigorievca MD-4318
Hagimus MD-4319
Leuntea MD-4223
Marianca De Sus MD-4329
Opaci MD-4320
Pervomaisc MD-7725
Plop MD-7726
Plop-Stiubei MD-4321
Saiti MD-4322
Salcuta MD-4323
Salcuta Noua MD-7717
Stefanesti MD-4325
Surchiceni MD-7729
Tanatari MD-4324
Tanatarii Noi MD-4325
Taraclia MD-7730
Tocuz MD-4326
Tricolici MD-4311
Ucrainca MD-4327
Ursoaia MD-4328
Ursoaia Noua MD-4325
Valea Verde MD-4223
Zaim MD-4329
Zaim Loc.c.f. MD-4329
Zviozdocica MD-4327

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