Cahul, Moldova – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Alexandresti MD-3916
Alexandrfeld MD-5314
Alexandru Ioan Cuza MD-5311
Andrusul De Jos MD-3911
Andrusul De Sus MD-3912
Badicul Moldovenesc MD-3913
Baurci-Moldoveni MD-3914
Borceag MD-7415
Brinza MD-5312
Bucuria MD-3915
Burlaceni MD-5313
Burlacu MD-3916
Cahul 1 MD-3901
Cahul 5 MD-3905
Cahul 7 MD-3907
Cahul 9 MD-3909
Chioselia Mare MD-3934
Chircani MD-3919
Cislita-Prut MD-5315
Colibasi MD-5316
Cotihana MD-3917
Crihana Veche MD-3918
Cucoara MD-3919
Doina MD-7323
Frumusica MD-3934
Gavanoasa MD-5317
Gibani MD-3914
Giurgiulesti MD-5318
Greceni MD-5313
Huluboaia MD-3920
Hutulu MD-3922
Iasnaia Poleana MD-7323
Iujnoe MD-5319
Larga Noua MD-3921
Larga Veche MD-3921
Lebedenco MD-3922
Lopatica MD-3923
Lucesti MD-3924
Manta MD-3925
Moscovei MD-3926
Nicolaevca MD-5317
Paicu MD-3933
Pascani MD-3934
Pelinei MD-3927
Rosu MD-3928
Rumeantev MD-7333
Satuc MD-3927
Spicoasa MD-3916
Taraclia De Salcie MD-3929
Tartaul De Salcie MD-3930
Tataresti MD-3931
Tretesti MD-3933
Trifestii Noi MD-3926
Tudoresti MD-3930
Ursoaia MD-3932
Vadul Lui Isac MD-5321
Valeni MD-5322
Vladimirovca MD-5323
Zirnesti MD-3933

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