Anenii Noi, Moldova – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Albinita MD-6531
Anenii Noi MD-6501
Balmaz MD-6537
Batic MD-6516
Beriozchi MD-6501
Botnaresti MD-6511
Botnarestii Noi MD-6511
Bulboaca MD-6512
Calfa MD-6513
Calfa Noua MD-6513
Chetrosu MD-6514
Chirca MD-6515
Ciobanovca MD-6516
Cobusca Noua MD-6517
Cobusca Veche MD-6518
Cretoaia MD-6519
Delacau MD-6520
Floreni MD-6521
Floresti MD-6518
Geamana MD-6522
Gura Bicului MD-6523
Hirbovat MD-6524
Hirbovatul Nou MD-6501
Larga MD-7722
Maximovca MD-6525
Mereni MD-6526
Merenii Noi MD-6527
Mirnoe MD-6537
Nicolaevca MD-7723
Ochiul Ros MD-7724
Petrovca MD-6526
Picus MD-7722
Puhaceni MD-6529
Roscani MD-6530
Ruseni MD-6531
Salcia MD-6511
Serpeni MD-6534
Socoleni MD-6532
Speia MD-6533
Telita MD-6535
Telita Noua MD-6535
Tintareni MD-6538
Todiresti MD-6536
Troita Noua MD-6537
Varnita-2 MD-6530
Zolotievca MD-7723

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