Port Louis, Mauritius – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Anse CourtoisSouthern Part Of Junction Rd 11201
Anse CourtoisTrunk Rd From Pailles Junction To Ring Rd 11201
Bain Des DamesBain Des Dames Coast Road 11301
Bain Des DamesBain Des Dames Street 11301
Bain Des DamesBoodhun Street 11301
Bain Des DamesCharron Street 11301
Bain Des DamesEdwards Street 11301
Bain Des DamesFook Seung Road 11301
Bain Des DamesGaldemar Street 11301
Bain Des DamesGregoire Street 11301
Bain Des DamesJacobs Street 11301
Bain Des DamesL. A. Hugues Street 11301
Bain Des DamesN. Osman Street 11301
Bain Des DamesNathaniel Street 11301
Bain Des DamesPezanie Street 11301
Bain Des DamesStevenson Lane 11301
Bain Des DamesW. Hewitson Street 11301
BangladeshCraston Martin Street 11401
BangladeshErnest Le Blanc Street 11401
BangladeshHesketch Bell Street 11401
BangladeshJules Mallac Street 11401
BangladeshPouce Street 11401
Barracks RegionAuguste Rouget From Mere Barthelemy To Jemmapes Street 11302
Barracks RegionBarracks Street 11302
Barracks RegionBolton Street 11302
Barracks RegionBrown Sequard Street 11302
Barracks RegionChaussee Street From Ruisseau Pouce To Edith Cavell Street 11302
Barracks RegionChevrot Street 11302
Barracks RegionEdith Cavell Street From Mere Barthelemy Street To John Kennedy Street 11302
Barracks RegionJohn Kennedy Street From Jemmapes To Edith Cavell Street 11302
Barracks RegionJohn Kennedy Street From Ruisseau Pouce To Edith Cavell Street 11302
Barracks RegionLa Gaiete Street From Orleans Street To Beaugeard Street 11302
Barracks RegionOrleans Street 11302
Barracks RegionReverand Lebrun Street 11302
Barracks RegionSir Celicourt Antelme Street 11302
Barracks RegionSt Georges Street From Mere Barthelemy Street To Barracks Street 11302
Barracks RegionSt Louis Street From Mere Barthelemy Street To Barracks 11302
Bell VillageBrabant Road South From Menagerie Street To Paul Fercy Adele Street 11202
Bell VillageEastern Side Of Trunk Road From Royal Road To Kiosque 11202
Bell VillageFrom Kiosque To Paul Fercy Adele 11202
Bell VillageLime Street 11202
Bell VillageLink Road 11202
Bell VillageMenagerie Road Southern Side From Brabant Street To St Joseph Road 11202
Bell VillageMgr Leen From Kiosque To Post Office 11202
Bell VillageOld Moka Road Upto Entry Of Cwa 11202
Bell VillagePaul Fercy Adele Street 11202
Bell VillagePort Louis St Jean Road North From St Joseph To Menagerie Street 11202
Bell VillageSt Joseph East 11202
Bell VillageSt Patrick Street 11202
Blvd Victoria 1Blvd Pitot St From Blvd Victoria To China Street 11402
Blvd Victoria 1China / Diego Garcia St From La Paix St To Edgard Laurent Street 11402
Blvd Victoria 1Daulphine St From La Paix St Etienne Pellereau Street 11402
Blvd Victoria 1Diore St From La Paix St To Edgard Laurent Street 11402
Blvd Victoria 1Dr H. Joonya Street 11402
Blvd Victoria 1Epidariste Trime St From La Paix St To Edgard Laurent Street 11402
Blvd Victoria 1Etienne Pellereau St From Ssr St To Nyon Street 11402
Blvd Victoria 1La Paix St Northward 11402
Blvd Victoria 1Lenepveu Lane 123 11402
Blvd Victoria 1Lenepveu Street 11402
Blvd Victoria 1Nyon St From La Paix St To Edgard Laurent Street 11402
Blvd Victoria 1S V Naz St From La Paix St To Sir Edgard Laurent Street 11402
Blvd Victoria 1St Aulaire Street 11402
Blvd Victoria 2China St From Inkerman St To La Paix Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2Dauphine St From Mgr Gonin St To La Paix Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2Dugarreau Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2Guimbeau Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2Hatch Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2Inkerman St From Blvd Victoria To Dauphine Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2Lapoter Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2Leclezio Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2Nyon St From La Paix St To Inkerman Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2Sir V. Naz St From Mgr Gonin St To La Paix Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2Sornay Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2St Aulaire St From La Paix St To Dugarreau Street 11403
Blvd Victoria 2Sun Yat Sen St From S.s Ramgoolam St To Dauphine Street 11403
Borstal 11203
BorstalBorstal Rehabilitation Centre 11203
BriquetterieAbercrombie Avenue 11701
BriquetterieAbercrombie Cha 11701
BriquetterieBois Doree Street 11701
BriquetterieBois Savon Street 11701
BriquetterieBoisee Street 11701
BriquetterieBrandon Street 11701
BriquetterieBriquetterie Cha 11701
BriquetterieBriquetterie Street 11701
BriquetterieCorson Street 11701
BriquetterieDauguet Street 11701
BriquetterieDr. Maurice Cure Street 11701
BriquetterieEagle Street 11701
BriquetterieEastern Side Of Mohameddan Cemetry Road From Mariamen Temple Road 11701
BriquetterieFregate Street 11701
BriquetterieLa Perle Street 11701
BriquetterieLavocaire Street 11701
BriquetterieMariamen Temple Street Nothern Side From Mohamedan Cemetry To Round About 11701
BriquetteriePaul Street 11701
BriquetteriePort Louis Terre Rouge Road From Round About To Riviere Terre Rouge 11701
BriquetterieRaphael Street 11701
BriquetterieRodrigues Street 11701
BriquetterieSt Pierre Street 11701
BriquetterieVeronce Street 11701
Camp Chapelon EastHenri Seneck Street 11204
Camp Chapelon EastJames Slade Street 11204
Camp Chapelon EastTrunk Road Plus Old Moka Road From Entry Of Cwa Upto Entry Of Bonnefin Street 11204
Camp Chapelon EastWilliam Stanley 11204
Camp Chapelon WestDe Rosnay Street 11205
Camp Chapelon WestDesire Sicard Street 11205
Camp Chapelon WestImpasse Rayeroux 11205
Camp Chapelon WestMadrassa Road 11205
Camp Chapelon WestPhilippe Rousset 11205
Camp Chapelon WestPierre Arthur Rayeroux 11205
Camp Chapelon WestRoad A 11205
Camp Chapelon WestRoad B 11205
Camp Chapelon WestRobert Stain 11205
Camp Chapelon WestSt Louis River From Trunk Road To Behind St Louis Power Station 11205
Camp Chapelon WestTrunk Road East From Plaine Lauzun To St Louis Bridge 11205
Camp Chapelon WestVolcy De Senneville Street 11205
Camp Firinga 11101
Camp YoloffCoringa 11601
Camp YoloffDaureawoo 11601
Camp YoloffGelle 11601
Camp YoloffImp. Macao 11601
Camp YoloffIndians 11601
Camp YoloffJ. Tranquille 11601
Camp YoloffKleber 11601
Camp YoloffLatanier 11601
Camp YoloffMacao Street 11601
Camp YoloffMagon St From Noor E Islam St To Mariamen Temple Street 11601
Camp YoloffMalacca 11601
Camp YoloffMilitary Rd 11601
Camp YoloffMilitary Street From Round About To Noor-E-Islam 11601
Camp YoloffNoor E Islam Mosque St Western Side From Magon St – Nicolay Power Station 11601
Camp YoloffRene Maigrot 11601
Camp YoloffRochecouste 11601
Camp YoloffRohan 11601
Camp YoloffRozan 11601
Camp YoloffSamuel Fouquereaux 11601
Camp YoloffSirdar 11601
Canal DayotC. A. Macpersom 11207
Canal DayotCanal Dayot Street 11207
Canal DayotDelta Lane 11207
Canal DayotImpasse Canay Dayot 11207
Canal DayotJames Mercier Lane 11207
Canal DayotLamare Jean Baptiste Street 11207
Carreau LaloAfique Lane 11801
Carreau LaloAmasaki Lane 11801
Carreau LaloBernandin De St Pierre Street 11801
Carreau LaloCapeyron Henri Andre Street 11801
Carreau LaloDoomun Lane 11801
Carreau LaloF. H. Decaille Street 11801
Carreau LaloJames Canonville Street 11801
Carreau LaloJules Chavin Street 11801
Carreau LaloJules Coup Street 11801
Carreau LaloKalimaye Lane 11801
Carreau LaloLima Lane 11801
Carreau LaloLome Lane 11801
Carreau LaloOslo Lane 11801
Carreau LaloRamsarran Lane 11801
Carreau LaloRosiers Avenue 11801
Carreau LaloSolitaire Street 11801
Cassis 1C.h. Leal Lane 11303
Cassis 1Cassis Government School 11303
Cassis 1Hindu House 11303
Cassis 1Impasse 332 11303
Cassis 1Impasse Delance 11303
Cassis 1Impasse Demerez 11303
Cassis 1Impasse Gansseran 11303
Cassis 1Impasse Jolivet 11303
Cassis 1Jean Baptiste Lamasse 11303
Cassis 1Joseph Lane 11303
Cassis 1Nayazamana Street 11303
Cassis 1Roseline Street 11303
Cassis 2Albercrombie Street 11304
Cassis 2Douglas Street 11304
Cassis 2Dundenald Street 11304
Cassis 2Edgard Aubert Street From Trunk Road To Kwantee Street 11304
Cassis 2Edgard Gallet Street 11304
Cassis 2Malborough Street 11304
Cassis 2Praslin Street 11304
Cassis 2Renganaden Seeneevassen Street 11304
Cassis 2Reserve Street 11304
Cassis 2Tamatave Street 11304
Cassis 2Tanner Street 11304
Cassis 3A. N. Noormohamed Street 11305
Cassis 3Almadina Street 11305
Cassis 3Edgard Aubert Street From Trunk Road To Odette Ernest Street 11305
Cassis 3Edgard Gallet Street From Almadina Street To Trunk Road 11305
Cassis 3Johanna Street 11305
Cassis 3Maupin Street 11305
Cassis 3Motais Street From Maupin Street To Joana Street 11305
Cassis 3Octave Sandapa Street 11305
Cassis 3Odette Ernest Street 11305
Cassis 3Redoute Street 11305
Cassis 3Seychelles Street 11305
Cassis 3Victor K Vern Street 11305
CaudanCaudan Street 11306
CaudanDecaen Street 11306
CaudanDeconti Street 11306
CaudanEngineer Street 11306
CaudanFalcan Street 11306
CaudanFoncault Street 11306
CaudanLa Fleur Street 11306
CaudanMotais Street From Maupin Street To Caudan Street 11306
CaudanWaterfromt 11307
Central Market 11308
Champ De Mars 11404
China TownDavid St Up To Sun Yat Sen Street 11602
China TownDr Edwards Laurent Street 11602
China TownEmmanuel Anquetil Street 11602
China TownFarquhar St Up To Corderie Street 11602
China TownJoseph Riviere Street 11602
China TownJummah Mosque Street 11602
China TownLeoville L`homme St Up To Corderie Street 11602
China TownLouis Pasteur Street 11602
China TownNorthern Side Of Corderie Street 11602
China TownQueen St Up To Corderie Street 11602
China TownR. Ollier St Up To Corderie Street 11602
China TownRoyal St Up To Corderie Street 11602
Citadelle RegionCorneille Street 11405
Citadelle RegionDestaing Street 11405
Citadelle RegionEugene Laurent Lane 333743 11405
Citadelle RegionEugene Laurent Street 11405
Citadelle RegionG.h.d. Atchia Street 11405
Citadelle RegionHerscall Street 11405
Citadelle RegionSebastopol Street 11405
Citadelle RegionShakespeare Street 11405
Citadelle RegionSuffren St From Mgr Gonin St To Eugene Laurent Street 11405
Cite Blanc / Sugar PlantersJ. Blaise 11102
Cite Blanc / Sugar PlantersL. Masson 11102
Cite Blanc / Sugar PlantersPiat 11102
Cite Blanc / Sugar PlantersR. Rivet 11102
Cite BorstalDr Manilall Street 11206
Cite BorstalF.l. Maurel Street 11206
Cite BorstalJean Lebrun Street 11206
Cite BorstalLeoville Lhomme Street 11206
Cite BorstalSeeneevassen Street 11206
Pointe Aux SablesCamp Firinga 11101
Pointe Aux SablesCite Blanc 11102
Pointe Aux SablesCite C.h.a. / Cite Debarcadere 11103
Pointe Aux SablesCite Ilois Phase I 11104
Pointe Aux SablesCite Ilois Phase Ii 11104
Pointe Aux SablesCite La Lumiere 11106
Pointe Aux SablesCite Lateka 11105
Pointe Aux SablesKensington 11107
Pointe Aux SablesLa Tour Koenig Industrial Zone 11109
Pointe Aux SablesLa Tour Koenig Phase I 11108
Pointe Aux SablesLa Tour Koenig Phase Ii 11108
Pointe Aux SablesMarguerite Phase I 11110
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement D’hotman 11111
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Fon Sing 11112
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Fortune 11113
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Ghurburrun Phase 1 Brunes Pailles Phase 2 11114
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Ibrahim Dawood 11115
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Ilois Phase 1 & Phase 2 11116
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Koenig / Sur Mer 11117
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Le Prinmtemps 11118
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Le Vieux 11119
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Nazroo Phase 1 & Phase 2 11120
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Rey 11121
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement S.l.d.c 11123
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Sagittaire 11122
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Sohun 11124
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Soobra Phase 1 & Phase 2 11125
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Verger Le Bain 11127
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Verger Mangue 11126
Pointe Aux SablesMorcellement Verger Sur Mer 11128
Pointe Aux SablesPointe Aux Sables 11129
Pointe Aux SablesPolice Flat 11130
Pointe Aux SablesResidence Coquillage 11131
Pointe Aux SablesResidence La Tourelle 1 & 2 11132
Pointe Aux SablesTerrasson 1 11133
Pointe Aux SablesU.t.m. 11134
Pointe Aux SablesVerger Mangue 11135

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