Tsukumi Shi, Oita Ken, Japan – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Ajiro 879-2682
Bunkyomachi 879-2432
Chinu 879-2401
Chuomachi 879-2441
Gonomotomachi 879-2471
Himi 879-2681
Hotojima 879-2501
Ikanikeisaiganaibaai 879-2400
Imutamachi 879-2445
Irifune Higashimachi 879-2459
Irifune Nishimachi 879-2458
Iwayamachi 879-2411
Jizomachi 879-2454
Kamiaoe 879-2461
Kamimiyamotomachi 879-2436
Kataura 879-2475
Kozonomachi 879-2453
Minatomachi 879-2442
Miyamotomachi 879-2435
Monzemmachi 879-2456
Motomachi 879-2444
Nagame 879-2476
Nakadamachi 879-2433
Nakamachi 879-2452
Okamachi 879-2455
Otomomachi 879-2431
Sementomachi 879-2443
Shimmachi 879-2451
Shimoaoe 879-2446
Shitemachi 879-2457
Tachibanamachi 879-2434
Takasumachi 879-2412
Tokura 879-2474
Tokura Hommachi 879-2472
Tokura Miyamachi 879-2473
Tsukumi 879-2421
Tsukumiura 879-2413
Yato 879-2422
Yora 879-2683

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