Westmoreland, Jamaica – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Beeston Spring JMDWD01
Beeston SpringPost Office JMDWD01
Bethel Town JMDWD02
Bethel TownPost Office JMDWD02
Bluefields JMDWD03
BluefieldsPost Office JMDWD03
Carmel JMDWD04
CarmelPost Office JMDWD04
Cave JMDWD05
CavePost Office JMDWD05
Cornwall Mountain JMDWD06
Cornwall MountainPost Office JMDWD06
Darliston JMDWD07
DarlistonPost Office JMDWD07
Friendship JMDWD08
FriendshipPost Office JMDWD08
Frome JMDWD09
FromePost Office JMDWD09
Glenislay JMDWD10
GlenislayPost Office JMDWD10
Grange Hill JMDWD11
Grange HillPost Office JMDWD11
Lambs River JMDWD12
Lambs RiverPost Office JMDWD12
Little London JMDWD13
Little LondonPost Office JMDWD13
Negril JMDWD14
NegrilPost Office JMDWD14
Petersfield JMDWD15
PetersfieldPost Office JMDWD15
Saint Leonards JMDWD16
Savanna-La-Mar JMDWD17
Savanna-La-MarPost Office JMDWD17
Shefield JMDWD18
ShefieldPost Office JMDWD18
St. LeonardsPost Office JMDWD16
White House JMDWD19
White HousePost Office JMDWD19

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