Saint James, Jamaica – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Adelphi JMCJS01
AdelphiPost Office JMCJS01
Anchovy JMCJS02
AnchovyPost Office JMCJS02
Cambridge JMCJS03
CambridgePost Office JMCJS03
Catadupa JMCJS04
CatadupaPost Office JMCJS04
Granville JMCJS05
GranvillePost Office JMCJS05
Half Moon JMCJS06
Half MoonPost Office JMCJS06
Hopeton JMCJS07
HopetonPost Office JMCJS07
Johns Hall JMCJS08
Johns HallPost Office JMCJS08
Little River JMCJS09
Little RiverPost Office JMCJS09
Lottery JMCJS10
LotteryPost Office JMCJS10
Maroon Town JMCJS11
Maroon TownPost Office JMCJS11
Mont Horeb JMCJS15
Mont HorebPost Office JMCJS15
Montego Bay JMCJS12, JMCJS13
Montego Bay 1Post Office JMCJS12
Montego Bay 2Post Office JMCJS13
Montpellier JMCJS14
MontpellierPost Office JMCJS14
Point JMCJS16
PointPost Office JMCJS16
Reading JMCJS17
ReadingPost Office JMCJS17
Salt Spring JMCJS18
Salt SpringPost Office JMCJS18
Sign JMCJS19
SignPost Office JMCJS19
Somerton JMCJS20
SomertonPost Office JMCJS20
Stonehedge JMCJS21
StonehedgePost Office JMCJS21
Welcomd HallPost Office JMCJS22
Welcome Hall JMCJS22
White Sands JMCJS23
White SandsPost Office JMCJS23

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