Dota, San Jose, Costa Rica – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Copey 11703
CopeyAlto Canazo 11703
CopeyAlto Indio 11703
CopeyAlto Miramar 11703
CopeyBarnardo Urena 11703
CopeyBernardo Urena 11703
CopeyCanon 11703
CopeyCima 11703
CopeyCruce Chinchilla 11703
CopeyCruce Chincilla 11703
CopeyFlorida 11703
CopeyGarrafa 11703
CopeyJaboncillo 11703
CopeyMadreselva 11703
CopeyOjo De Agua 11703
CopeyPaso Macho 11703
CopeyPedregoso 11703
CopeyProvidencia 11703
CopeyQuebrada Grande 11703
CopeyQuebrador 11703
CopeyRio Blanco 11703
CopeySalsipuedes 11703
CopeySan Carlos 11703
CopeySan Gerardo 11703
CopeyTrinidad 11703
CopeyVueltas 11703
JardinCabeceras De Tarrazu 11702
JardinChonta 11702
JardinJardin 11702
JardinQuebradillas 11702
Santa MariaBandera 11701
Santa MariaBotella 11701
Santa MariaCedral 11701
Santa MariaEl Jardin 11701
Santa MariaEl Llano 11701
Santa MariaGuaria 11701
Santa MariaHigueronal 11701
Santa MariaLa Cima 11701
Santa MariaLa Trinidad 11701
Santa MariaNaranjo 11701
Santa MariaNubes 11701
Santa MariaPaso Macho 11701
Santa MariaQuebrada Grande 11701
Santa MariaReyes 11701
Santa MariaSan Joaquin 11701
Santa MariaSan Lucas 11701
Santa MariaSan Rafael 11701
Santa MariaSanta Maria 11701
Santa MariaSukia 11701
Santa MariaVapor 11701

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