Jimenez, Cartago, Costa Rica – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Juan Vinas 30401
Juan VinasAlto Victoria 30401
Juan VinasBuenos Aires 30401
Juan VinasDuran 30401
Juan VinasGloria 30401
Juan VinasMaravilla 30401
Juan VinasNaranjito 30401
Juan VinasNaranjo 30401
Juan VinasQuebrada Honda 30401
Juan VinasSan Martin 30401
Juan VinasSanta Marta 30401
PejibayeAlto Humo 30403
PejibayeCacao 30403
PejibayeCantarrana 30403
PejibayeCasa De Teja 30403
PejibayeCeiba 30403
PejibayeChucuyo 30403
PejibayeEsperanza 30403
PejibayeGato 30403
PejibayeHumo 30403
PejibayeJoyas 30403
PejibayeJuray 30403
PejibayeOmega 30403
PejibayeOriente 30403
PejibayeSan Gerardo 30403
PejibayeSelva 30403
PejibayeTaus 30403
PejibayeTausito 30403
PejibayeYolanda 30403
PejibayeZapote 30403
Tucurrique 30402
TucurriqueAlto Campos 30402
TucurriqueBajo Congo 30402
TucurriqueCongo 30402
TucurriqueDuan 30402
TucurriqueEsperanza 30402
TucurriqueHamaca 30402
TucurriqueSabanilla 30402
TucurriqueSan Antonio Del Monte 30402
TucurriqueVolconda 30402
TucurriqueVueltas 30402

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