Liaocheng City, Shandong, China – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Bajialiu Township 252038
Beiguan Street 252057
Beiyangji Township 252021
Caishi Street 252058
Damatou Street 252054
Daokoupu Township 252033
Daoshu Street 252051
Dazhang Township 252032
Dongchangdongludongduan 252061
Dongchangdongluxiduan 252062
Dongchangdongluzhongduan 252055
Dongchengqiang Street 252052
Dongguanjiexiduan 252053
Douhutun Town 252039
Gougu Township 252040
Houying Town 252028
Huayuanbeiluzhongduan 252056
Jiangguantun Town 252022
Liangshui Town 252037
Liaocheng City 252000
Lihaiwu Town 252024
Sha Town 252031
Tangyi Town 252034
Xiwang Township 252027
Xuying Township 252023
Yansi Town 252036
Yuji Township 252025
Zhangluji Township 252029
Zhengjia Township 252035
Zhulaozhuang Township 252026

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