Pingxiang City, Jiangxi, China – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Aimin Lane 337055
Anyuan Town 337035
Baiyuan Town 337039
Baizhu Township 337033
Beizhan 337000
CeleiChangtanDatian Village 337001
Changfeng Township 337038
Changping Township 337008
Changxi Village 337042
Chengnan 337034
Chishan Township 337004
Chongyuan Village 337037
Dongqiao Township 337025
Dongyuan Township 337007
DongzhouLashi Village 337027
Futian Township 337006
Guanghanzhai Township 337026
Heyao Township 337016
HongtianDoutian Village 337012
Huayun Township 337048
Jinshan Township 337011
JuyuanGupichong Village 337021
Laoguan Township 337018
Lashi Township 337029
Longtai Township 337031
Luxi Town 337053
MaotianNanyuanGuanshangJinji Village 337009
Matian Township 337047
Paishang Township 337024
Penggao Township 337005
Qingshan Town 337014
Quanjiang Village 337041
Quantian Township 337015
Shangbu Town 337044
Shangguanling Village 337028
Tongmu Township 337013
Village 337023
WangjiayuanWangjiayuan Street 337043
Wanlongshan Township 337049
Wupixia Township 337036
WusiHezhouMeijianXinlong 337019
Xiabu Township 337022
XiapingzhouHeyao Village 337017
Xingfu Road 337003
Xinquan Township 337046
Xuanfeng Town 337051
Yangbin Village 337054
Yuanban Township 337032
Yuejin Village 337052
Zhangjiafang Township 337045

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