Wujin District, Jiangsu, China – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Anjiashe Township 213126
Baizhang Township 213124
Banshang Township 213165
Benniu Township 213131
Buyi Township 213141
Caoqiao Township 213171
Chengzhang Township 213152
Cuiqiao Township 213103
Cunqian Township 213154
Daixi Township 213105
Dong’an Township 213155
Dongqing Township 213114
Fangqian Township 213174
Furong Township 213118
Henglin Zhenhanhenglin Xiang 213101
Hengshanqiao Township 213119
Huangli Township 213151
Hutangqiao Zhenhanhutang Township 213161
Jianhu Township 213111
Jiaoxi Township 213116
Jiaze Township 213153
Jiuli Township 213134
Lihe Township 213145
Lijiaqiao Township 213176
Longhutang Township 213123
Lujia Xiang Township 213168
Lujiatang 213137
Luoxi Township 213136
Luoyang Town 213104
Lvshu Township 213132
Mahang Township 213162
Menghe Township 213139
Miaoqiao Township 213167
Nanxiashu Township 213166
Nanzhai Township 213178
Niutangqiao Township 213163
Panjiaqiao Township 213179
Puhe Township 213135
Qianhuang Township 213172
Sanhekou Township 213115
Taicun Township 213147
Tangzhuang Township 213133
Wansui Township 213129
Weicun Township 213127
Weitang Township 213128
Wuhuang Township 213164
Wujin Prefecture 213100
Xiaohe Township 213138
Xiaoxinqiao Township 213121
Xiaxi Township 213148
Xin’an Township 213117
Xuejia Township 213125
Yaoguan Township 213102
Yuanyu Township 213146
Yuncun Township 213175
Zhaiqiao Township 213177
Zhengping Township 213173
Zouou Township 213144

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