Suzhou City, Jiangsu, China – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
1419Etc. 215008
Aiheyan 215005
Anliqiao 215006
Anquan Village 215002
Baishulong 215003
Bali Village 215007
Bao’an Township 215151
Bashang Lane 215001
Beiqiao Township 215144
Beixu Lane 215004
Changqiao Township 215128
Chedu VillageXiaolou Village 215142
Chefang Township 215125
Congjing ZhenCongjing VillageLichi Village 215335
Dongqiao Township 215152
Dongshan Town 215107
Dongzhu Township 215163
Ducun Township 215106
Fengqiao Township 215129
Guangfu Town 215159
Guo Xiang Township 215124
Hengjing Township 215103
Hengshan Road 215009
Huangdai Township 215143
Huangqiao Township 215132
Jingting VillageLitang Village 215135
Jinshan Township 215102
Jinting Town 215111
Kuatang Township 215122
Likou Township 215133
Lumu Town 215131
Luzhi Town 215127
Meiyuan VillageXiajia VillageJinjian Village 215157
Mudu Town 215101
Nanmen Village 216007
Puzhuang Township 215105
Shengpu Township 215126
Suzhou City 215000
Taihu Township 215162
Taiping Township 215137
Tangli Town 215113
Tibetshu Township 215156
Tong’an Township 215153
Wangting Town 215155
Weitang Township 215134
Weiting Town 215121
Wuzhong Prefecture 215100
Xiangcheng Township 215138
Xiaojing VillageNanxiao VillageBeiqian Village 215141
Xiatang Township 215123
Xishan Town 215112
Xuanmushan Village 215158
Xukou Township 215164
Yuanshan Town 215109
Yuexi Township 215104
Zhenhu Township 215161

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