Nanyang City, Henan, China – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Angao Township 473040
Beijing Road 473062
Beijingjiedao 473003
Beizhaihe Lane 473001
Binhe Road 473056
Caizhuang Village 473011
Chaan Township 473022
Changjiang Road 473035
Chaoshan Street 473006
ChenpengDongguanNiuwangmiao 473033
Chenzhoutang 473002
Daguanzhuang Street 473053
DashiyingBaitaDatun 473032
Dongchenghean 473012
DushanZhaozhuangFenglouBian Zhuang 473031
Gangdong Village 473057
Gaomiao Township 473021
Gongren Village 473008
Hanzhi Village 473034
Hanzhong Township 473023
He Street 473007
Heibaiguo Village 473052
Hongni Wan Township 473014
Houde Lane 473005
Huancheng Township 473013
JianggouMao Zhuang 473084
Jingang Township 473082
Jingtuan 473017
Jinhua Township 473026
Jiqing Lane 473004
Laohe Township 473037
Laohepo Township 473041
LeizhuangDazhaiGangwang Zhuang 473083
Lihe Township 473024
Liuhe Lane 473055
LiuwaXu Zhuang 473085
Luying Township 473036
Nannong Road 473060
Nanyang City 473000
Pengying 473051
Qianjin 473058
Qinghua Township 473038
Shuangqiaodong Village 473061
Wangcun Township 473039
Wolong Township 473081
Xiaobeiguan 473009
Xiaozhai Township 473043
Xiezhuang Township 473042
Xinxinan Village 473059

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