Qingyuan City, Guangdong, China – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Bai Wan Town 511593
Changfeng Village 511522
Fucheng Town 511510
GangtouChigangDayouQingshan 511515
Gaoqiao Town 511535
Gaotian Town 511523
Heyun Town 511575
Huilan Town 511550
Jiangkou Town 511527
Jintan Town 511585
Longgeng Town 511567
Longtang Town 511540
Nanchong Town 511565
Qingchengji Villages 511500
Qinhuang Town 511557
Sankeng Town 511555
Shahe Town 511580
Shantang Town 511548
Shengping Town 511525
Shijia Town 511545
Shikan Town 511573
Shima Town 511560
Shitan Town 511590
Taiping Town 511553
Taoyuan Town 511587
Xinzhou Town 511583
Yinzhan Village 511542
Yuantan Town 511533
Yuba Town 511578
Zhouxin Town 511538
Zhukeng Town 511570

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