Taihu County, Anhui, China – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Anle Township 246482
Baili Township 246492
Baiyin Township 246442
Chalu Township 246402
Chengxi Township 246415
Dashan Township 246463
Dashi Township 246421
Fotu Township 246453
Gengjia Township 246493
Gonghe Township 246491
Gutang Township 246422
Hekou Township 246481
Huanggang Township 246454
Huayuan Township 246433
Jiangtang Township 246417
Jianshe Township 246423
Jiehe Township 246560
Jiutian Township 246484
Laochengdongguan 246410
Laochengxibeimenwaijiao 246413
Laochengxiguan 246411
Lianhua Township 246497
Lidu Township 246461
Liufan Township 246474
Liuyang Township 246445
Long Wan Township 246473
Luo Wan Township 246451
Malong Township 246452
Mamiao Township 246464
Mingbei Township 246431
Mituo Town 246480
Niuzheng Township 246470
Shahe Township 246490
Shanlong Township 246416
Shixia Township 246443
Siqian Township 246450
Taihu County 246400
Taiping Township 246418
Taopu Township 246424
Tianjia Township 246483
Tianqiao Township 246472
Tiantai Township 246444
Tongshan Township 246496
Wangtian Township 246495
Xiaochi Township 246440
Xinchengxi Prefecture 246401
Xinchong Township 246462
Xinlun Township 246430
Xuqiao Town 246420
Yuzhu Township 246494
Zhaohe Township 246471
Zhongxin Township 246441
Zhuaiqiao Township 246432

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