Shucheng County, Anhui, China – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Bailin Township 231382
Baimatudang Township 231325
Bali Township 231370
Cha Wan Township 231350
Chaoyang Township 231380
Chengchong Township 231343
Chengguan Town 231300
Chunqiu Township 231337
Daguantang VillageShagang 231360
Dudian Township 231363
Ganbaqiao Town 231320
Gaofeng Township 231354
Hangbu Town 231323
Hepeng Town 231340
Hongmiao Township 231347
Huashuihe Township 231366
JiaheWenwangqiao Village 231330
Kongji Town 231313
Pingtian Township 231358
Sangou Township 231310
Shageng Township 231335
Shanqi Town 231353
Shucha Town 231334
Tangshu Township 231372
Xiaohe Township 231352
Yanchun Township 231356
Yaohe Township 231341

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