Lu’an City, Anhui, China – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Bachang Lane 237008
Baitasishuangmiao Township 237091
Baofengsi Township 237026
Beichengqianggen 237007
Bianmentan 237012
Bingbian Lane 237005
Butasi Township 237072
Chendazhuang Village 237061
Chengbei Township 237058
Chengxi Township 237051
Chenjia Lane 237006
Chunshu Town 237067
Daling Township 237041
Dashanzhai Township 237082
Dingji Villages 237046
Donghekou Villages 237081
Dongqiao Township 237062
Dongyang Township 237056
Dushan District Town 237031
Fanan Township 237066
FangzhongdunLongjing Village 237022
Fenlukou Township 237043
Gaochengdong Road 237010
Gu Zhen Xiang Villages 237047
Guanghua Road 237009
He 237071
Huangjianhe Township 237034
Huishou Township 237042
Longmenchong Township 237033
Lu’an City 237000
Ma Xiang Village 237151
Maoqiao Village 237092
Matou Town 237057
Ningpinglubeizhijiuligoudaqiao 237100
Qingshan Township 237027
Shanwang Township 237052
Shuangqiao Township 237015
Subu Town 237021
Village 237011

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