Saint Michael, Barbados – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
1St Avenue Beckles Hill BB14022
1St Avenue Deighton BB14017
2Nd Avenue Beckles Hill BB14022
2Nd Avenue Deighton BB14017
Airlie Tenantry #1 & #2 BB23033
Archcot Terrace BB14002
Banyan Court BB14022
Barclays Terrace BB14006
Bay Gardens BB14019
Bayview BB14019
Beckles Road BB14023
Bonnett’s Housing Area BB14028
Bonnetts BB14027
Brathwaite’s Gap BB14016
Britton’s Cross Road BB14002
Brittons New Road BB14028
Bryden’s Avenue BB14015
Bullen’s Avenue BB14017
Burke’s Road BB14014
Bush Hill BB14038
Chapel Place BB14018
Chelsea Road BB14022
Chelston Avenue BB14018
Chelston Gardens BB14018
Chelston Park BB14018
Clapham Close BB14012
Clapham Drive BB14011
Clapham Heights BB14008
Clapham Park BB14008
Clarke’s & Lukes Avenue BB14023
Clermont Gardens BB23029
Clermont Greens BB23029
Clerpark BB23029
Club Morgan 2Nd Avenue BB14029
Club Morgan1St Avenue BB14029
Club Morgan3Rd Avenue BB14029
Club Morgan5Th Avenue BB14029
Club Morgan6Th Avenue BB14029
Corday Avenue BB14019
Culloden Farm BB14001
Culloden Road BB14018
Cummings Road BB14015
Curwen’s Avenue BB14023, BB14024
Dalkeith Hill BB14018
Dalkeith Ridge BB14018
Dalkeith Village BB14018
Dayrell’s Road BB14030
Deighton Road BB14017
Dolphin Court BB14038
Evelyn’s Avenue BB14021
Fairview BB14021
Field Place BB14024
Flagstaff BB14005
Francis Godson Drive BB14001
Franklin Development BB14008
Gas Products Gap BB14012
Gittens Avenue BB14024
Gooding Road BB14016
Grant’s Avenue BB14020
Gunsite Road BB14027
Harpers Land BB14008
Highgate Gardens BB14005
Highgate Park BB14005
Hillbury Road BB14015
Husbands Crest BB23032
Husbands Main Road BB23032
Husbands New Development BB23032
King’s Village BB14026
Knight’s Road BB14015
Laynes Road BB14012
Liverpool Road BB14014
London Road BB14014
Lower Forde’s Road BB14011
Lower Ifill Road BB14005
Lower Streat’s Road BB14005
Manchester Road BB14014
Mansion Place BB14021
Mcclean’s Gap BB14003
Medford Land BB14033
Millyard Road BB14015
Mission Gap BB14002
Mount Clapham BB14005
Observatory Road BB14008
Old Quarry Avenue BB14019
Paddock Road BB14017
Palm Tree Place BB14022
Paradise Heights BB23039
Pinder’s Avenue BB14018
Pipers Avenue BB14024, BB23030
Plantain Walk BB14011
Radcliffe Gardens BB14014
Reece Land BB14013
Reece LandReece Land # 1 BB14013
Reece LandReece Land # 2 BB14013
Reece Road BB14013
Regency Drive BB23028
Reservoir Road BB14027, BB23030
Sand Box Avenue BB14022
Seaman’s Village BB14002
The Garrison BB14038
Upper Forde’s Road BB14009
Upper Ifill Road BB14005
Upper Streat’s Road BB14005
Valarie & Upper Collymore Rock BB14004
Villa Road BB14014
Walcott’s Avenue BB14020
Wanstead Drive BB23034
Wanstead Gardens BB23034
Wanstead Terrace BB23038
Warner’s Road BB14014
Warrens Park BB23027
Warrens South BB23028
Watermill Place BB14019
Weir’s Gap BB14003
West Ridge BB14017
West Road BB23029
Wildey Industrial Park BB14006
Wildey Main Road To Wildey Heights – Cheffette BB14007

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