Saint Andrew, Barbados – Postal Codes

List of postal codes

Place Postal code
Alleyne School Road BB25033
Babylon Road BB25036
Bawdens BB25023, BB25024, BB25025
BawdensWalkers Road / Highway C BB25026, BB25020
Belleplaine Housing Area BB25107, BB25034, BB25051
Belleplaine Housing AreaBarbados H/est BB25067
Belleplaine Housing AreaBelleplaine BB25079, BB25033
Belleplaine Housing AreaBruce Valley/haggatt BB25090
Belleplaine Housing AreaCane Garden BB25123, BB25124
Belleplaine Housing AreaCorbin Village BB25077
Belleplaine Housing AreaWalkers BB25029
Belleplaine Housing AreaWhite Hill BB25113, BB25115
Belleplaine Housing AreaWorrell Vale BB25032
Boscobel – Highway B2 BB25012
Cambridge #1 BB25072
Chalky Mount BB25078
Chalky MountChalky Mount #1 BB25089, BB25093
Charles Duncan O’neal Highway BB25012
Church Gap BB25051
Coggins Hill BB25093
Corbins Village BB25077, BB25081
Diamond Corner – Highway B BB25012
Douglin Tenantry Road BB25003, BB25015
Ermy Bourne Highway BB25031
Farell’s Road BB25031
Franklyn Doughlin Tenantry Road BB25034, BB25064
Harewood Road BB25052
Highway 2 Haggatts BB25035, BB25098, BB25103
Highway 2 Walkers BB25015
Highway 2Belleplaine BB25035, BB25094, BB25029
Highway 2C – Dark Hole BB25104
Highway 2Cane Garden BB25121, BB25107
Highway 2Charles Duncan O’neal Highway BB25012
Highway 2Walkers Bay BB25017
Highway B – Shorey Village / Morgan Lewis BB25001
Hillaby BB25046
Hillaby/highway D BB25053
Isolation RoadBelleplaine BB25065
Isolation RoadBruce Valley / Haggatt BB25090
Jordan’s Road BB25065, BB25033
Jordan’s RoadA BB25034
King Street BB25062
Lakes BB25081
LakesLakes #1 BB25081
Mose Bottom Tenantry Road Turner Hall BB25050
Mose Bottom Tenantry RoadGregg Farm BB25049
Mount Hillaby BB25114
Redman Road BB25029
Redman Road Walkers BB25036, BB25037
Rose Hill Tenantry BB25012
Saddle Back BB25100
Savannah Road BB25012
Savannah Road Greenland BB25003
Savannah RoadGreenland Tenantry BB25006
Savannah RoadShorey Village BB25007
Sedge Pond BB25012
Spa Hill BB25127
St. Simons BB25041, BB25060
St. SimonsBruce Valley / Haggatt BB25092, BB25090
Turners Hall – Swann / Highway C BB25044
Turners Hall – Swann / Highway C Walkers BB25026
Turners Hall – Swann / Highway CBawdens BB25025
White Hill / Mount All BB25107
Worrell’s Road BB25033

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