Jani Khel, Paktia, Afghanistan – Postal Codes

Codes List

Place Postal code
Bagi Kahol 2260
Bari Khail 2260
Baze Khail 2260
Bor Kahol 2260
Chalam Kalay 2260
Dangar 2260
Darandi Kalay 2260
Darweze 2260
Do Khola Lowi Jowhar Gardi 2260
Ghari 2260
Hassan Zai 2260
Khalelan 2260
Khobe Khail 2260
Kotage Kalay 2260
Lamar Khail 2260
Lowi Kott 2260
Maidan Khola Kalay 2260
Mana 2260
Markaz Wolluswaly 2260
Meri Kalay 2260
Meshe 2260
Moge 2260
Mouge Darghashi 2260
Moushe 2260
Moute 2260
Nasri 2260
Palozay 2260
Palwai 2260
Rabata 2260
Sar Maste 2260
Shairy Kalay 2260
Shege Shafel 2260
Soroge 2260
Tara Ke Kalay 2260
Togha Kalay 2260
Warzokai 2260
Wocha Kalay 2260
Wocha Khola 2260
Zergon 2260

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