Khashrod, Afghanistan – Postal Codes

Codes List

Place Postal code
Atta Mohammad 4352
Basrang 4352
Burj 4352
Chashma Ghulam 4352
Dewalak 4352
Gala Gat 4352
Gegan Abdul Qader 4352
Gero 4352
Ghor Ghori Markaz Wolluswali 4352
Gul Mondi 4352
Haji Abdulah 4352
Haji Mohammad Omer 4352
Kast 4352
Khai Ab Ad Afghanya 4352
Khair Abad 4352
Khakestari 4352
Khan Mohammad 4352
Khash 4352
Khoniya 4352
Landi 4352
Lokhi 4352
Malmal Sar 4352
Manzari 4352
Mariz 4352
Mazad Khash 4352
Mazad Lokhi 4352
Menar 4352
Mohammad Osman 4352
Nasrat Abad 4352
Poushta Hassan 4352
Qala Now 4352
Rabat Ghulam Sarwar 4352
Razi Kalan 4352
Razi Khord 4352
Sara Qala 4352
Sardar Hassan Khan 4352
Sayid Abad 4352
Shash Ab 4352
Sori Kal 4352

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