Shinwar, Afghanistan – Postal Codes

Codes List

Place Postal code
Anar Bagh 2669
Arbaban Kalay Gollaye 2669
Behi Dak 2669
Chawk Gollaye 2669
Daga 2669
Dowake Gollaye 2669
Ghani Khail 2669
Ghani Khail Katele 2669
Ghani Khail Wakil Mohammad Azam 2669
Ghani Khail Ya Mir Kalay 2669
Hesa Awal Naqel Jowi ”29” 2669
Hesa Dowm Naqel Jowi ”29” 2669
Jabage 2669
Kaga Kalay 2669
Khanan Kalay 2669
Konatar 2669
Landi 2669
Markaz Wolluswaly 2669
Mohammad Gul Khan Kalay 2669
Morcha Khail Gollaye 2669
Moshung Shair Gary 2669
Mullahyan 2669
Naqel Jowi ”25” 2669
Naqel Jowi ”26” 2669
Naqel Jowi ”27” 2669
Naqel Jowi ”28” 2669
Naqel Jowi Bacha 2669
Naw Abad Masjed Eid Gah 2669
Naw Abad Shair Karai 2669
Now Abad Chawk Gollaye 2669
Now Abad Gollaye 2669
Now Abad Katele 2669
Now Abad Pacha Khail 2669
Raghe Kalay Waghat Wayala 2669
Seya Chob 2669
Shair Karai 2669
Sharaf Jowi Shair Gar 2669
Wara Kote Zai 2669
Zakhail Gollaye 2669

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