Pachir Wa Agam, Afghanistan – Postal Codes

Codes List

Place Postal code
Alif Khail 2654
Alo Khail 2654
Badan Khail 2654
Bami Khail 2654
Banda Yan 2654
Bar Bami Khail 2654
Bar Bara 2654
Bar Tangi 2654
Dara 2654
Farman 2654
Gadal 2654
Gandera 2654
Ghali Khail 2654
Godra 2654
Goro Khail Shora Khail 2654
Kano Khail 2654
Kargar 2654
Kata Khail 2654
Kazh Ke 2654
Kazha Kala 2654
Khan Kalay Ya Naryan 2654
Khar Ke Kala 2654
Koz Tangi 2654
Kunj Kala 2654
Lage Kala 2654
Landi Khail 2654
Mar Khani 2654
Mari Kala 2654
Mela Wa 2654
Mir Dobaro Kalay 2654
Mirza Bagh 2654
Morge 2654
Murgha 2654
Pacher Sufla Ya Ghondi Khail 2654
Pacher Sufla Ya Obah Khail 2654
Parang Dara 2654
Payenda Khail 2654
Qalandar Khail 2654
Saber Hulya 2654
Saber Sufla 2654
Sallay Gul 2654
Samse 2654
Sera Kala 2654
Shaikhan 2654
Shakar Khail 2654
Spen Ragha 2654
Sultan Khail 2654
Tangi Khail 2654
Tora Bora 2654
Wocha Algara 2654
Yaghi Band 2654
Zamber Khail 2654

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