Qalay-I-Zal, Afghanistan – Postal Codes

Codes List

Place Postal code
Afghan Mazar 3553
Arab Ha 3553
Baghecha 3553
Baghraikol 3553
Chaqar 3553
Char Gul 3553
Chesh Qeshlaq 3553
Chuft Halqa 3553
Dorman 3553
Haji Mullah Noor 3553
Halqa Kol 3553
Jagi Araiq 3553
Jal Tank 3553
Jangal Chargul 3553
Joi Arsari 3553
Kashani 3553
Kharoti 3553
Khisht Tepa 3553
Khutab 3553
Kulokh Tepa 3553
Laqi 3553
Mawen Abdullah 3553
Naqilen Logari 3553
Naqilen Safi 3553
Olam Qeshlaq 3553
Qala-I-Zal 3553
Qarnas 3553
Qumandan Abdullah 3553
Qumandan Rustam 3553
Sakhsa Kol 3553
Saleh Abad Bala 3553
Saleh Abad Payen 3553
Shor Araq 3553
Tarboz Gozar Payen 3553
Tarboz Guzar Bala 3553
Wakail Akhtar Mohammad 3553
Warta Buz Bala 3553
Warta Buz Payen 3553
Yangharq 3553
Zulm Abad 3553

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