Istalif, Afghanistan – Postal Codes

Codes List

Place Postal code
Asimullah Bala 1058
Asimullah Payen 1058
Asiyab Gadi 1058
Badal Shah Khail 1058
Bagh Mullah 1058
Bagh Payen Guldara 1058
Bagh Safa 1058
Dahan Kari 1058
Gar Got 1058
Hazara Dara 1058
Hessar Khail Ha 1058
Jah Jah 1058
Kalan Chaini 1058
Khowja Hassan 1058
Mahla 1058
Malik Zada 1058
Markaz Estalef 1058
Mehtarlam Baba Dara Estalef 1058
Mirani Khalifa 1058
Noor Halam 1058
Qala Sallar 1058
Qoul Chanar 1058
Qoul Chanar Guldara 1058
Qoul Kharboza 1058
Sahdat 1058
Sanglakh 1058
Shah Maste 1058
Shena Kai 1058
Shoraba 1058
Talaqi 1058
Tangi Meyana 1058
Touro Kachi 1058

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