Qush Tepa, Afghanistan – Postal Codes

Codes List

Place Postal code
Bai Sar 1957
Chakhma Chaqour 1957
Chakhma Chour Sufla 1957
Chakna Ajram 1957
Chakna Jar Qadouq 1957
Chakna Qaraye 1957
Chehl Gazy Bai Sar 1957
Gardan 1957
Gardan Sufla 1957
Haji Ghulam Nabi 1957
Hashor Qoul 1957
Howz Bayely 1957
Howz Beyely Sufla 1957
Jar Qadouq 1957
Jar Qadouq Now Abad 1957
Kapcha Qala 1957
Kar Khana 1957
Khan Aqa 1957
Koh Char Bai 1957
Maimana Yowl 1957
Markaz Wolluswaly Qoush Tepa 1957
Moulawe 1957
Mughul 1957
Now Abad 1957
Now Abad Turkman Qadouq 1957
Pada Sai 1957
Pesta Mazar 1957
Qadouqcha 1957
Qazal Kotal 1957
Shair Baig 1957
Shair Bok Sufla 1957
Shor Qadouq 1957
Shor Qadouq Uzbekya 1957
Sozma 1957
Taraghly Afghaniya 1957
Taraghly Charshaly Arab 1957
Taraghly Hotak Ha 1957
Taraghly Khowjagi Qeshlaq 1957
Taraghly Mallaye Qeshlaq 1957
Taraghly Ya Tarake Ha 1957
Tasha Khor 1957
Turkman Alde 1957
Turkman Walditash Kotal 1957
Zard Tepa 1957

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