Reg, Afghanistan – Postal Codes

Codes List

Place Postal code
Abdullah Khan 3952
Ali Murad Khan Bagat 3952
Balkh Soro 3952
Balochan Raige 3952
Be Be Jan 3952
Dashtook 3952
Din M.khan Wa Naqelen Bagat 3952
Faizullah Khan Kalay 3952
Garm 3952
Ghulam Nabi Khan Kalay 3952
Ghulaman Kalay 3952
Haji Sakhi Kalay 3952
Haji Shair Kalay 3952
Hakim Khan Kalay 3952
Hanif Khan Kalay 3952
Kalo Kalay 3952
Karo Bi 3952
Khair Abad 3952
Khudai Nazar Khan Bagat 3952
Malik Baran 3952
Malkhan 3952
Maranjan Naqelen 3952
Markaz Khansheen 3952
Mir Dost Kalay 3952
Mohammad Omer Kalay 3952
Naqelen Balochan 3952
Naqelen Khansheen 3952
Naqelen Landi Wa Bagat 3952
Naqelen Qala Sabz Khair Abad 3952
Naqelen Taghaz Sharqi 3952
Qala Now 3952
Qala Shora 3952
Qarya Kharaba 3952
Rahmatullah Khan 3952
Sara Kala 3952
Sayid Karim 3952
Seya Mardo 3952
Shah Diwar Ya Khari 3952
Sultan Takht 3952
Taghaz 3952
Taghaz Naqelen Gharbi 3952
Wakil Khan Kalay 3952
Wakil Khudai Rahm 3952
Wali Mohammad 3952
Yar Mohammad Khan Kalay 3952
Zaman Khan Kalay 3952

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